Vehicle breakdown on roadside

Multi Protection Guard

Make your vehicle go farther with additional services for your new or leased vehicle and your family.


Coverage Highlights

Auto Loan/Lease Coverage 

If you’re still paying a loan on your vehicle, or it has been leased, and the vehicle is a total loss, we’ll help cover the difference between the value of your vehicle and what’s left on the loan or lease.

New Vehicle Replacement Cost 

We’ll help cover more of the costs to fix, or even replace, your brand new vehicle if you drove it off the lot less than a year ago.

Travel Interruption 

Have to get repairs more than 100 miles from home? We’ll cover meals, transportation, and overnight stays until you’re back on the road.


Other Features Include…

Pet Injury Coverage/Accidental Death Benefit

We offer protection for animals hurt or killed in an accident.


Diminished Value

If a vehicle you rented is damaged in an accident, repaired, and is no longer worth what it would have been before the accident, we’ll cover the difference in resale value.


GPS Theft

If a GPS-only device is stolen, we’ll cover your loss. This does not apply to cell phones used as a GPS. No deductible will apply to this coverage.


Loss of Use

If a vehicle you rented is damaged in an accident, but you’re still charged for it while it’s being repaired, we’ll help pay for those costs.

Rented Vehicles

An accident in a rented car can result in extra expenses. We’ll help you cover them.


Two or More Deductibles

Have more than one policy with Hastings Mutual? If more than one apply in a loss, you’ll only have to pay the deductible for one.


New Vehicle Replacement Hybrid Upgrade

If your new vehicle is a total loss, you can replace it with a new hybrid car for the same cost.


OEM Parts

We’ll use original equipment manufacturer parts (instead of parts from third parties) for some vehicles.


Get a quote now!

Talk to your independent insurance agent for a quote on coverage, and for more details on what Hastings Mutual can do for you.

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