Homeowners Waiver of Deductible Credit


With a Hastings Mutual waiver of deductible credit, you can reduce your deductible each year you do not file a claim with us. After each claim-free year, we’ll lower your deductible by $75! The maximum total credit available is $750.

Here’s how it works: After 10 claim-free years with Hastings Mutual, a deductible that is originally $750 will be reduced to $0. If your original deductible is $1,000, after 10 claim-free years your deductible will be reduced to $250.

If you do need to file a claim, you’ll pay the reduced deductible you’ve earned. After the claim has been filed, your policy will return to its original deductible amount, and you can start earning $75 credits again.

This credit can be applied to either:

  • Your all other perils deductible; or 
  • Your windstorm or hail deductible


An example of Waiver of Deductible Credit

A hailstorm blows through town, causing $2,000 of property damage to your home. Fortunately, you have a homeowners waiver of deductible credit applied to your windstorm or hail deductible. Your original deductible is $1,500, but until this hailstorm hit, you lived 8 years without filing a claim.

$75 a year for 8 years is $600, which means your deductible for recovering from the storm is only $900. A great discount at a great price!


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