Pig Pak


Computer Coverage

Your computer system is part of nearly everything you do on your farm. This coverage applies to specific types of damage and has a $20,000 limit.

Custom Farming 

The limit on gross annual receipts allowed as incidental business coverage is increased to $10,000. Higher limits are available.

Farm Business Income and Extra Expense 

This coverage, available as part of your standard Farmowners coverage, is available at a $50,000 limit. Higher limits are available.

Mobile Farm Machinery

This optional coverage is commonly known as “Rock in the Combine” coverage. It broadens the number of situations your specified machinery is covered against.


Outdoor Signs

If your business has a sign outdoors that isn’t attached to your building, we’ll cover up to $5,000 to repair or replace it if it suffers certain kinds of harm.

Reproductive Material Coverage

We insure swine semen and embryos against most types of loss, with a limit of $5,000 in one occurrence, and $100 per straw.

Sudden and Accidental Pollution

We’ll cover up to $50,000 for an accidental discharge on someone else’s property. Higher limits are also available.


This coverage applies to livestock death caused by suffocation or freezing. It’s offered for each location, and has a maximum limit of $50,000 with a $2,500 deductible. 


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