Brewing is an industry that will likely always be good business. But it does come with risk, from the need for healthy plants to the reality of a very competitive market. Hop-Up coverage helps reduce that risk by building on our foundational Farmowners coverage to protect property, equipment, advertising, and more.

Get more from your Farmowners insurance with these expanded and hops grower-specific coverages.


Additional Operating Expense 

The limit on this coverage is $2,500, with higher amounts available.


Common Carriers or Bailee Does Not Apply

If your hops or other property is being transported by someone else, you are covered if something goes wrong.


Equipment Breakdown on Picking Machines

Coverage specifically for these vital parts of your business is automatically included with the policy.


Farm Business Income and Extra Expense

This coverage, available as part of your standard Farmowners coverage, is available at a $25,000 limit. Higher limits are available.


Outdoor Signs

If your business has a sign outdoors that isn’t attached to your building, we’ll cover up to $2,500 to repair or replace it if it suffers certain kinds of harm.


Product Recall Expense

If you have to pull your product off the shelves as part of a recall, we’ll pay your costs, from removal to repair to disposal. The limit is $25,000.


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