Farmowners Coverage Plus

You’ll add more to your Farmowners policy with this set of extra coverages…


Additional Operating Expense 

This coverage is increased an additional $1,000.

Broadened Farm Personal

We can also cover farm property that’s being purchased under an installment plan, or that’s leased or rented to someone covered by your Farmowners policy.

Debris Removal

We’ll pay up to $1,000 of the cost to remove trash and other material after a loss. No deductible will apply.

Emergency Hay Removal

We’ll cover the cost if you suddenly need to move your hay from inside a building, if it prevents spontaneous combustion. The limit is $500. 

Landslide and Collapse due to Subsurface Water

With this coverage, we’ll pay for loss to a home, outbuilding or personal property related to a landslide, or from underground water that causes building collapse.

Lock Replacement

We’ll pay up to $250 to replace your door locks, if the keys are stolen. No deductible will apply.


Mortgage Expense Coverage

If your house is a total loss, we’ll reimburse you for some of the costs of replacing your property, including fees and additional mortgage interest.

Personal Injury

If you’re facing a lawsuit for personal injury in specific situations, this coverage may help. 

Refrigerated Products on Premises

A refrigerator or freezer that stops working can harm your farm or personal property, and your business. We’ll pay up to $500 for a loss or damage on your property. 

Tree Debris Removal

If a storm knocks down your trees, shrubs, or plants, this coverage will pay to have the debris removed from your property. This endorsement increases your coverage by $250, for a total of $500. 

Back Up of Sewers or Drains

If water backs up through a drain or your sump pump overflows, we’ll pay up to $10,000 on a loss resulting from water damage.


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