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There's nothing like living and working on a farm, and there's nothing like comprehensive Farmowners insurance coverage from Hastings Mutual. Protect your property, your equipment, and your business with the company that knows how much you contribute to your community.


Coverage Highlights

Personal Property 

Our blanket coverage extends to your farm’s entire inventory, with an option to insure your blanket at 85% of its value. We don’t require you to pay for 100% of the value if you don’t need it.

Glass Breakage 

You don’t want a broken or cracked window when you’re behind the wheel of your farm vehicles. This coverage is available to you with no deductible.

Equipment Breakdown 

When your equipment stops working, it can be costly. We’ll cover computers, generators, and other covered equipment, and resulting expenses.

Identity Protection 

If you’re the victim of a hacker or thief, we can help cover the costs of repairing your credit and recovering your identity.


Related Coverages

Commercial Auto Icon


Coverage for your work vehicle or an entire fleet.

Commercial Umbrella icon - umbrella with brief case


Additional coverage when you need to go above and beyond your regular policy.

Inland Marine Icon

Inland Marine

If you ship valuable products or equipment over land, this coverage is for you.

Workers' Compensation icon


Protect yourself and your staff if there's an injury or disability on the job.


Other Farmowners Comprehensive features include . . .

Additional Operating Expense

Sometimes a claim can result in unexpected additional expenses; this optional coverage can help you manage those. 


Automatic Coverage for Newly Constructed Outbuildings 

Barns, sheds, and other structures you’ve added to your property in the last year are included in your coverage. The coverage limit is $50,000.


Farm Business Income and Extra Expense

This optional coverage applies to income you lose while your farm business is shut down because you’re restoring your property. This coverage also applies to added expenses that are a result of your claim.


Loss of Income

If you can’t earn income because your covered building is being rebuilt after suffering damage, we’ll help cover your lost income with this optional coverage.


New, Leased, Borrowed Farm Machinery 

Farm equipment is covered if it’s damaged or a loss. The limit is $100,000 for the first 30 days after purchase, lease, or borrowing.

Replacement Cost for Outbuildings

This optional coverage helps pay to replace damaged or destroyed buildings on your property, other than your main residence.


Special Coverage for Mobile Farm Machinery

This optional coverage is commonly known as “Rock in the Combine” coverage. It broadens the number of situations your specified machinery is covered against.


Standing Grain Covered for Fire and Lightning

Grain covered by your policy that has not been harvested is protected if it catches on fire or is struck by lightning.


Sudden and Accidental Pollution 

Accidents happen. If an unexpected discharge affects someone else’s property, we’ll cover the costs up to $25,000. Higher limits are also available.

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