Vintner Plus

Cellar Funk

Fungus, wet rot, dry rot, or bacteria can affect wine while it’s being made, and so can “cellar funk,” any microbiological or chemical contamination of wine stock. 


Collapse of Tanks/Cooperage

Carefully crafted wooden barrels and high-tech wine tanks are a key part of the winemaking process. If the barrels or tanks collapse, this coverage will help recover the costs.


Contamination or Spoilage

We’ll cover your loss if your wine stock is damaged for any of these reasons: a change in temperature or humidity because of equipment breakdown or power outage, or contamination by a refrigerant.


Debris Removal

This limit is increased to $30,000.


Employee Dishonesty

It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to be a danger. This endorsement will pay for direct losses caused by a dishonest act by an employee.


Mobile Agricultural Equipment, Including Rental from Others  

We’ll protect your mobile equipment, as long as it’s being used in your business.


Orchard, Vineyard, and Outdoor Property

Trees, shrubs, plants, vine, and trellises that grow or are used on your premises are included in your coverage.


Wine Leakage Other Than Collapse

If wine leaks from a tank or barrel, or equipment like valves, hoses, or pipes fails, we can help pay the cost of the wine that is lost.


Wine Market Valuation

We’ll determine the value of wine in bulk or in bottles, at the price it would be worth if the wine had never been damaged.


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