Mini-Warehouse Operators


There are about 50,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S., and the industry appears to be growing. If you own and operate a facility, you know how much customers are looking for your business. Protect your investment with insurance coverage designed specifically for you, from your main office to each and every storage space.


Accounts Receivable

We offer additional coverage of up to $250,000 for accounts receivable on your premises, and $5,000 when off your premises.

Liability for Damage to Customers’ Goods

If a customer’s personal possessions are damaged while in a storage space, this optional coverage can help pay any related costs for the storage space businessowner.



This optional coverage applies to information and records stored and used on a computer.

Valuable Papers

With this endorsement, lost or damaged research, records, and other information stored the “old-fashioned way,” as valuable paper, can be covered for additional coverage of up to $100,000 when it is stored on your premises, and $5,000 when stored elsewhere.


Related Coverages

Commercial Auto Icon


Coverage for your work vehicle or an entire fleet.

Commercial Umbrella icon - umbrella with brief case


Additional coverage when you need to go above and beyond your regular policy.

Workers' Compensation icon


Protect yourself and your staff if there's an injury or disability on the job.


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