Metalist Plus

Employees Tools 

We’ll cover up to $15,000 if there’s damage or a loss to tools used by your employees in your business.

Manufacturers Selling Price

If you need to recover the cost of damaged product, we’ll set its value at its sale price, as if no loss or damage occurred. Only ordinary discounts and expenses will apply.

Property Off Premises and in Transit

Coverage applies to your equipment and other materials even when you’re not on your own property (for example, when it’s being transported). The limit is $100,000.

Patterns, Dies, Molds, and Forms – Theft Limitation Waiver

Patterns, dies, molds, and forms are key to every metalist’s success. With this coverage, the theft limitation on these items is waived.


Peak Season Increase

Your liability limit is boosted by 25% during the peak season — when property values are temporarily increased.

Primary and Noncontributory — Other Insurance Condition

With this endorsement, other eligible people are considered additional insureds on the policy, and we won’t ask for contributions from any other insurance available to them — which might drive up their insurance costs.

Product Recall Expense

If you have to pull your product off the shelves as part of a recall, we’ll pay your costs, from removal to repair to disposal. The limit is $50,000, with no deductible.



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