Mechanics Errors and Omissions

It seems like cars and trucks get more complex every year. A job as simple as replacing fluid can call for precise measurements and even computer controls. And it also requires comprehensive protection against a mistake — an error or omission. Certified mechanics can benefit from this expanded coverage.

Even with training and skill, things can go wrong. Reduce your costs in almost every situation with this coverage.


Errors and Omissions

This coverage applies to errors, omissions, and defects related to work as an auto service facility, or to products sold or installed by covered employees.

There is a $10,000 annual aggregate per location limit, a $25,000 annual policy aggregate limit, and a $250 deductible per occurrence limit.

Note that mechanics must be certified in order to be eligible for this coverage.


Loss or Damage to Customer Vehicles

This optional coverage can be expanded to customers as well as your auto service facility and staff.


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