Farm Implement Dealer Enhancement


Extended Defense (Lemon Law) 

If your customer files a lawsuit against you for a “lemon” — a product you sell, service, or repair that does not work properly — we’ll cover the costs, up to $10,000 per suit, or $100,000 total.

Hour Meter and Prior Damage Disclosure 

If an hour meter gives inaccurate readings, we’ll pay for related losses. The limit is $100,000 per occurrence, or $200,000 total.

Truth-In-Lending and Leasing 

You follow the law when making a sale or extending credit to a customer, but this coverage helps protect you against damages you might have to pay for an unintentional violation. The limit is $250,000 per occurrence, or $500,000 total.

Disaster Deductible 

If there’s a natural disaster (wind or hail), we’ll waive your deductible for the loss of buildings, business-related personal property, and other items.



False Pretense — Mobile Stock

Some people aren’t who they claim to be. If one of those people tries to sell to you or get you to give them property they legally shouldn’t have, we’ll pay for a loss, up to a limit of $100,000.

Medical Payments 

We will pay up to an additional $5,000 for covered medical expenses.

Product Recall Expense

If you have to pull your product off the shelves as part of a recall, we’ll pay your costs, from removal to repair to disposal. The coverage limit is $25,000.



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