Deluxe Property Coverage Extension


Your business needs the very best protection against damage and risk, whether you’re in administration, waste management, or something else entirely. Our deluxe property coverage applies to your merchandise, your signage, and the tools you use on the job every day.


Brands and Labels

Do you have merchandise with a brand or label that needs to be relabeled because it’s been damaged? We’ll pay your costs and the value of the damaged property, up to $25,000.

Employee Dishonesty

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust your employees. But you can be protected from a dishonest act, with coverage up to $25,000. 

Property Leased, Rented, or Borrowed

Damage to machinery, equipment, and vehicles not operated on public roads (like a bulldozer) that are used in your business is covered, up to $50,000.



Property Off Premises and in Transit

Coverage applies to your equipment and materials even when you’re not on your own property (for example, when it’s being transported or displayed off site). The limit is $100,000.

Rental Reimbursement

If your equipment is inoperable because of something that your policy covers, we’ll pay you back for up to $25,000 of cost to rent equipment. No deductible applies to this coverage.

Signs Attached to Buildings

If your business has a sign outdoors that’s permanently attached to your building, we’ll cover up to $25,000 to repair or replace it if it suffers certain kinds of harm.



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