Insurance offers protection from many different kinds of hazards. One of the biggest threats to any business is criminal activity. Our crime coverage applies to risks your money may face, whether it’s earned today, or it’s already being put to good use by you or your business.


Credit, Debit, or Charge Card Forgery

We’ll pay for losses due to cards issued to you or an employee, up to a $5,000 limit.

Employee Dishonesty

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust your employees. But you can be protected from a dishonest act, with coverage up to $10,000. Optional higher limits of $15,000, $20,000, and $25,000 are also available.


If you or someone close to you is threatened with harm or is held captive in order to get you to pay, and you’ve reported a threat to law enforcement, we’ll cover your costs up to $25,000.


Forgery or Alteration

A “bad check” can cost your company. We’ll cover your costs up to $10,000 for checks and similar written directions made or drawn by you or someone working on your behalf. 

Money and Securities

We’ll pay for loss of money or securities in connection with theft or destruction of money or securities. The limit is $10,000. Optional higher limits of $15,000, $20,000, and $25,000 are also available.

Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency

If you unknowingly accept counterfeit money, we’ll pay for your loss, up to $10,000.


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