Contractors Plus

When you’re on the job, you’re not alone. You’ve got a reliable, effective team with you, making sure every site you’re on gets the attention it deserves. Contractors Plus coverage gives you more of the protection your business needs to get the work done.


Broad Form Property Damage

Your policy covers many common risks to your property. This extra coverage applies to the risk to property in a contractor’s care, custody, or control, or where work is being performed. The limit for this coverage is $100,000 for each occurrence.

Employee Dishonesty

It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to be a danger. This endorsement will pay for direct losses caused by a dishonest act by an employee. The limit for this coverage is $25,000.

Employee Tools 

From saws to protective gear, you and your team need tools that work. We’ll cover your tools everywhere they go, up to a limit of $15,000.


Primary and Noncontributory – Other Insurance Condition

With this endorsement, other eligible people are considered additional insureds on the policy, and we won’t ask for contributions from any other insurance available to them — which might drive up their insurance costs.

Property In Transit Or Off-Premises

While your work materials are being transported or that are temporarily at a location you do not own, lease, or operate, it can be covered up to a limit of $100,000. The limit is $50,000 on samples and other property carried by salespersons for demonstration purposes.


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