Cheese Manufacturers


The ancient art of making cheese is one that’s very alive today, especially in a part of the United States where dairy farming plays a significant role. Business insurance policies with a focus on cheese manufacturing get special attention, and coverage that is tailored for their very unique product.


Changes in or Extremes of Temperature or Humidity

Your products need the perfect conditions to thrive. We’ll pay for the loss of or damage to perishable goods affected by heat, cold, or humidity. The limit is up to $10,000.

Processors Selling Price Included 

Your coverage applies to the processing and selling of your cheese.


Product Recall Expense

If you have to pull your product off the shelves as part of a recall, we'll pay your costs, from removal to repair to disposal. The coverage limit is $25,000.


Refrigeration Breakdown for Property Transit

If refrigeration in a vehicle or container fails while transporting cheese, this coverage will apply. The limit is $5,500, with higher limits available. This coverage also features a $500 deductible.


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