Selected Metalist Program

Hastings Mutual, partnering with your local independent agent, continues to be an excellent market to place your metalist risks, both small and large.  Our competitive Selected Metalist program offers many benefits and coverage enhancements at a great price.

Some of the highlights our Selected Metalist program offers are:

  • Specialty coverages unique to your specialized industry needs
  • Discount for ISO9000 or better certified
  • Loss Control services with a wealth of information and years of experience

Metalist Plus Coverage
One coverage you're sure to need is our Metalist Plus Coverage.  It combines much needed property, crime, and liability coverages together to offer:

  • Manufacturers Selling Price
  • Patterns, Dies, Molds and Forms – theft limitation deleted
  • Peak Season
  • Property Off Premises and In-Transit
  • Utility Services – direct damage and time element
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Automatic Additional Insured – by contract, agreement, or permit
  • Product Recall Expense
  • Primary Non-Contributory
We are also pleased to offer Penalty Reimbursement Coverage which provides coverage for contract penalty costs incurred due to delay or failure to deliver on time because of a covered loss.