Barbers and Beauticians


Professional hair cutting and beauty care services is a growing industry throughout the U.S. Everyone appreciates the talents of an expert stylist, and with hard work and dedication, barbers and beauticians can open a business of their own. While you’re taking care of hair, make sure your policy is taking care of you.


Business Personal Property Off Premises 

Coverage applies to your equipment and other materials even when you’re not on your own property (for example, when they are being transported off site). The limit is $10,000.

Outdoor Signs

If your business has a sign outdoors that isn’t attached to your building, we’ll cover up to $2,500 to repair or replace it if it suffers certain kinds of harm.


Professional Liability

This optional coverage covers amounts the policyholder and other covered individuals have to pay because of negligence, error, or omission, or for not providing professional services.



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