Your farm isn’t just a business. It’s what gets you up in the morning, and what puts food on your table. Technology and culture are changing the way you run your farm and deal with your customers. You have the equipment and crew you need, whether you’re planning the year’s crops, planting, or gathering the harvest. Hastings Mutual’s agri-business endorsement can make sure what you have is protected, so you can focus on your fields.


Diminishing Deductible Coverage

The deductible on policies with a listed deductible of $5,000 or more is reduced by 10% after each claim-free year for up to 5 years. 

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to be a danger. This endorsement will pay for direct losses caused by dishonest acts by domestic or farm employees.

Replacement Cost on Farm Office Contents

If your policy includes Personal Property Replacement Cost coverage, this endorsement means your office contents, like computers and office furniture, will be paid at their replacement cost as well.


Farm Outbuilding Specified Additional Coverage

We’ll increase the coverage amount for your farm buildings to 125% of the mutually agreed amount on the structure, if you would be paid replacement cost on that structure if there’s a loss.

Arson, Theft, and Vandalism Reward

We will pay up to $500 for information leading to a conviction after arson fire, theft, or vandalism to property covered by this policy.

Mobile Farm Machinery — Lease Gap Coverage

If you’ve leased farm machinery and it’s a total loss, we’ll pay the difference between what it would cost to repair or replace the machine, and what’s owed.



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