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Hastings Mutual has been here to help our policyholders and neighbors for 135 years. These extraordinary times are no different. We’re paying attention to your comments and questions and providing the answers you’re looking for. It seems like the situation is changing every day, and we are working hard to make sure we have the best information for you.


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Helping You

Here’s what we’re doing to help our policyholders during this time.

15% Personal Auto Premium Refund For Two Months

Hastings Mutual plans to return 15% of the combined March and April 2020 auto premiums to our eligible Personal Auto customers, pending regulatory approval.

All customers will automatically receive this refund. No action is needed by our agents or customers to receive this refund.

  • If the policy is full-pay and does not have any amount past due, the returned premium will be sent as a check to the customer’s address.
  • If the policy is paid in installments, and there is an existing premium balance due on policies in the billing group, the refund amount will be used to pay the balance. Any remainder will be returned to the customer by check.

Please note that pass-through fees like Michigan’s Catastrophic Claims Association fee are not included in the premium amount used to determine the refund.

Refunds continue to be processed. The refund is first used to pay any existing premium balance. If there is a remaining amount of refund, it is sent as a check to the policyholder.

If you have any questions, please contact your local independent insurance agent or Hastings Mutual at (800) 442-8277 ext. 1572.

15% Personal Auto Premium Refund FAQ

All Personal Auto policyholders with premium in March and April 2020 qualify for the refund.

We will begin sending checks to policyholders who are directly billed by Hastings Mutual in late May. Distribution may take up to four weeks. Policyholders who are billed by their agency will need to contact their agency (see question 5 below).

It will be for 15% of your combined March and April 2020 Personal Auto premium. If there is any outstanding premium balance on your billing group, your refund will be used to pay it. Any remaining amount will be sent to you.

If you receive your bill directly from Hastings Mutual, you and your agent will not need to take any action to receive the refund.

Your refund will come from your agency. Please contact your agent with any questions on the status of your refund. We are unable to identify any outstanding premium balance you might have with your agency.

You will receive a letter listing the amount of your refund. Please note that the letter will show the amount of your refund before it is used to pay any outstanding premium balance.

Any amount not used to pay any premium balance due will be sent as a check mailed to the policyholder's address.

Your refund will be sent as a check mailed to the policyholder's address.

Yes, the refund is 15% of combined premium for March and April 2020 including any policy changes during the period.

Yes. All Personal Auto policyholders with premium in March and/or April 2020 will qualify for the refund.

No. Hastings Mutual will not ask for your bank account information before you can receive your refund. Anyone who calls or emails you looking for this information does not represent Hastings Mutual.

Yes. You can learn about the other things we are doing here on our Hastings Mutual Helps page.

You can contact your local independent insurance agent or Hastings Mutual at (800) 442-8277 ext. 1572.

Commercial Auto Policy Credit FAQ

No. Instead, at renewal the decreased risk because of less driving due to COVID-19-related quarantines will be considered when calculating a policy’s experience credit and its rate.

Some vehicles covered by commercial policies have been driven regularly throughout the past few months. We are still seeing accident activity. Also, theft, vandalism, and weather continue to contribute to commercial auto losses.

We look at the number of accidents and dollars paid or reserved from each accident over a designated period of time. Fewer accidents usually mean fewer dollars paid or reserved, and as a result, a larger experience credit.

Reduced losses will be reflected when determining the annual adjusted rate for commercial policies.

Preparedness and Response Plan Resources

In response to the COVID-19 situation, state leaders issued executive orders impacting business operations. As states are now lifting or relaxing these restrictions, businesses are adjusting their operations and returning their employees to central locations. Businesses should adopt compliant policies and procedures including use of personal protective equipment (PPE), safe distancing, sanitation activities, and occupancy controls.

Policies and procedures should be documented and followed in an overall preparedness and response plan (PRP). In addition to preventative measures, PRPs need response procedures if an infection is confirmed or suspected.

Federal and state regulations mandate that PRPs adhere to published guidelines readily available online. In preparing PRPs, it is important that businesses carefully review the applicable regulations and become familiar with the cited guidance. We have included links to some of the government agencies and organizations that provide this guidance:

White House COVID-19 Guidelines
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)
National Safety Council (NSC)


Suspending Cancellations for Nonpayment of Premium

Hastings Mutual suspended cancellations of policies due to nonpayment of premium between March 23, 2020, and May 18, 2020. We are working with individual policyholders who continue to face financial difficulties. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local independent insurance agent.


Restaurant Delivery and Auto Coverage

Hastings Mutual is extending our coverage to auto policyholders with a vehicle being used to deliver food from a restaurant whose normal operations have ceased because of COVID-19. This coverage is normally not part of our personal and commercial auto policies. However, we are temporarily expanding our coverage because of the extraordinary situation. We will continue to monitor this situation and may adjust our extended coverage as needed.

Personal Auto policyholders

This applies to claims beginning on March 23, 2020, and will continue until the public health emergency order is lifted, in whole or in part, to allow restaurants to resume normal operations.

We are providing this coverage under existing personal auto policies for employees of establishments that provide food when they have no other coverage; are employed by a business that was closed by an emergency order; and are not employed by a transportation network company or other delivery service. This coverage does not stack with any other coverage.

This applies only to policies in force on or after March 17, 2020. It remains in effect until the public health emergency order is lifted, in whole or in part, to permit restaurants to resume normal operations.

Hired and Non-owned Auto coverage (Wisconsin only)

Insurance companies must notify bars and restaurants they insure that they have hired and non-owned commercial auto coverage available if establishments do not have it. Hastings Mutual offers this coverage and will provide it to an insured upon request.

Changes to Claim Procedures

We are being cautious when inspecting property as part of a claim. We’re asking for photos and information directly from policyholders when possible and following social distancing guidelines for exterior claims and when our representatives need to be on a site in person.

Additional Living Expenses Extension

We are extending the duration of the limit on additional living expenses on our Homeowners policies for policyholders who are unable to return to their homes or cannot complete home repairs because of COVID-19 restrictions

Vehicle Rental Extension

We are extending the duration of vehicle rentals for Personal Auto policyholders who do not have a repair shop available to work on their personal vehicle because of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Helping Our Employees

Nearly all of our staff is able to work from home and is in daily communication with one another online. Employees who need to work at our home office follow recommended safety procedures before they enter the building, during the workday, and when they leave for the evening.

All of our employees are still at their jobs. We have not had to furlough or lay off any employee.

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Helping Our Communities

Our employees have made contributions to those in need in our hometown of Hastings, Michigan, and in nearby cities and towns. Employee contributions are being donated to the Barry County United Way Fresh Food Initiative.

The Hastings Mutual Insurance Company Charitable Foundation has also made a contribution to the Fresh Food Initiative.

You can contact Hastings Mutual in several ways: