Nonprofit of the Month: Building Beds 4 Kids

Sep 30, 2020, 3:22 PM

Putting woodworking skills to use for those in need of rest.

The Hastings Mutual Insurance Company Charitable Foundation recognizes the contributions of nonprofit organizations in the communities we serve. Each month, we’ll honor one of those organizations as our Nonprofit of the Month.

For many boys and girls, this school year is starting out at home. Now they need a place to study and connect to the internet — and also a place to eat and sleep. Building Beds 4 Kids helps provide a fundamental part of everyday life for children throughout the greater Detroit area.

Volunteers gather to create bedframes out of wood at a local workshop. They can create dozens in just a few hours, then gather mattresses and bedsheets to provide a comfortable place for children.

Building Beds 4 Kids

All of the contributions Building Beds 4 Kids receives go to buying the materials used to make each bed. The organization was founded in May 2019 and has a goal of building and distributing 125 to 150 beds each month.

Building Beds 4 Kids is supported by Hastings Mutual and Berkfield & Co., Ltd

For more on Building Beds 4 Kids, visit the Facebook page.

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