Why Advertising Is Exactly What You Need

Jul 8, 2020, 1:05 PM

We’re here to let you know we can help.

Here’s something you don’t want to think about: advertising. There’s a reason TV streaming services let you skip commercials after a few seconds. Ads can be annoying, and they’re certainly not what you’re looking for when you’re on the internet, watching TV, or flipping through a magazine.

On the other hand… everyone needs advertising. You might be in a business (for example, insurance) that has to let customers know there are products and services available for them. A non-profit organization doesn’t make money on what it offers, but it has to advertise too when there’s a fundraising event coming up. And if you use Facebook to invite family and friends to your son’s baseball game this weekend, that’s advertising. 

So let’s revise the statement above. Too much advertising, or advertising for things you’re not interested in, can be annoying, and isn’t what you’re looking for on the internet, TV, or anywhere else. 

Movies and restaurants

The goal of marketing, then, is to advertise something appealing to you in a way that you won’t find annoying. Movies do it by releasing trailers that are watched over and over again for every detail of what’s going to happen in the full film. Restaurants do it by showing great-looking versions of their food, and appearing on TV right around dinner time, when you’re already thinking of eating. We do it by letting you know how you can reach us, and describing the coverage we offer so you can ask for it.

 Advertising marketing and open stores

There’s nothing wrong with so-called “old fashioned” marketing techniques. We certainly encourage them at Hastings Mutual; you might be comfortable with using the internet (after all, you’re reading this post) but you might also know someone who isn’t. Your phone is probably close by every day but a reminder to check up on your insurance policy isn’t likely to be a link you click regularly.

Who do I call?

We have phone numbers for assistance, not only to our office but for special programs available to our policyholders like our FirstCall Work Injury Hotline. Guidelines for safety in your office or on your jobsite are available from our loss control team. You can print or download them as a handout for your staff. 

There are many informative videos on our site as well, like “About Us” on the bottom half of our homepage… and of course Mutual Understanding, the blog you’re reading right now. The “About Us” video is also here. If you’ve read Mutual Understanding before, you’re aware of some of the insurance coverage we have available for you (check it out here). 

Sometimes it helps to have a piece of paper with the information you need. We have PDFs available on many of our informative webpages. Your local independent insurance agent can provide a flier or brochure on our products too.

Here at Hastings Mutual, we want you to know we’re here to help. We offer products that make your business, your family, and your farm safer. We probably have just the coverage you need — but the only way you and your agent will know about it is with a little advertising. 

Questions? Let us know in the comments. 

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