Consistency and COVID-19

Jun 10, 2020, 3:05 PM

It might seem like nothing is certain these days. But we are.

Here’s something you didn’t expect a few months ago: that you would be spending April and most of May at home, talking with other people in person as little as possible. You might be getting back to your regular routine these days, but you’re staying prepared for another shutdown, another time when you’ll have to protect yourself. 

It can be uncomfortable and strange when you have to change your pattern to protect yourself and your family. It’s reassuring to have consistency and to understand what’s happening (unless you’re a medical professional, you’re relying on others for recommendations on what you should do to stay safe during the pandemic).
 Woman grocery shopping in face mask

We joined with many others in the insurance field to provide the support we could over the past few months. You can read about it on our Hastings Mutual Helps page. We offered refunds to our Personal Auto policyholders, provided coverage for drivers delivering food to people sheltering in place, and more. We put a pause on canceling policies that weren’t fully paid while workers weren’t being paid. We’re still here to help even as states reopen and people begin returning to work.

That may be what’s most important about insurance: knowing that you can count on us, no matter what’s happening. If you’ve visited our Facebook page lately you might have seen a quote from a policyholder we have helped, like this one: 
Hastings Mutual Testimonial

We’ve also been looking back at our record books and found we still have policies in force that were put in place as far back as 1955! Talk about being able to count on us.

Whether you’ve had a policy with us for decades or you’re just starting to shop for coverage on your house, car, business, or farm, you’re looking for consistency and support when you need it. That’s what you’ll get from Hastings Mutual. We are here to help.

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