“Adulting” And The Insurance You Need

Apr 17, 2020, 3:24 PM

Insurance isn’t as complicated as you think. Here’s what you can do.

When you were growing up, how often did you think about insurance? For me, the answer is “never,” except when I was about 8 and my father got in a car accident and had to file a claim (everyone was ok, just a little shaken up).  

Things are a little different now that I’m an adult. For one thing, I work at Hastings Mutual, so I’m involved in insurance every day! But even if I didn’t work here I would have to know about risk management and insurance coverage for things like my house and my car. 

There’s a slang term for this: Adulting. It simply means acting like an adult — going to work, paying bills, taking care of basic tasks like keeping a living area clean and cooking meals, etc. It also includes managing your own finances and your insurance coverage.

Reviewing Hastings Mutual insurance

What kind of insurance do you need for your “adulting”? It depends on your situation, of course. If you own a home, a car, or both, our Homeowners policy will cover the risk. We also provide coverage for your business. We have several different kinds of policies to fit a small or medium-size business. We’ve been offering insurance for farmers since the very beginning back in 1885. You can start at our insurance information page, and click on the links to find out more details on the specific policies we offer. 

Once you have a policy there are the clichés of insurance, that it’s very dry and boring, or that a policy is full of complicated language. While reading an insurance policy isn’t the same as reading a good novel, your policy isn’t written to trick you, or confuse you. It just needs to be clear about what’s covered and what isn’t. The policy is written to meet your needs — it provides protection for the things you value, whether it’s your storefront, your apartment, your tractor and tools, or something else. 

What can you do to “adult” your insurance? Talk to a reliable expert like your local independent insurance agent. He or she will help you understand the types of insurance you’re considering and which kinds of coverage are right for your situation. Sometimes there are options you can choose for specific types of coverage, and an agent will probably have a good idea of what would fit your situation — and if you don’t understand what’s written in your policy, just ask your agent!

While you’re waiting on a response from a local agent on your email, text, or even phone call, start with the basics, like our “Insurance 101” guide right here on our website.

Questions? Let us know in the comments. 

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