Nonprofit of the Month: Green Gables Haven

Feb 26, 2020, 3:31 PM

Looking to a better tomorrow for those in need in our own community.

The Hastings Mutual Insurance Company Charitable Foundation recognizes the contributions of nonprofit organizations in the communities we serve. Each month, we’ll honor one of those organizations as our Nonprofit of the Month.

Green Gables Haven Community Shelter has helped more than 2,000 women, children, and men since 2002. The shelter, in our hometown of Hastings, Michigan, provides a temporary residence, clothing, food, and more for victims of domestic violence. More than 40% of women and 23% of men in Michigan have experienced violent behavior on the part of an intimate partner, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Green Gables Haven offers victims resources to help them start new and different lives. But there’s more to their support than offering a safe place to stay. For more than a decade, Green Gables Haven has also provided free or low-cost counseling sessions to its visitors. A certified clinical social worker meets with individuals to discuss their situation, and, in Green Gables Haven’s own words, “provide(s) our clients with an understanding that abuse is not normal, that they are certainly not alone, and that there is hope for a different and better future for themselves and their children.”

Nonprofit of the Month: Green Gables Haven

Every participant can meet in small group sessions and also has access to a social worker for up to six individual consultations at no charge. If needed, further consultations are available for a small fee. The counseling sessions are the result of annual financial support. In 2020, Green Gables Haven is planning to continue its counseling program, to help even more people. 

For more on Green Gables Haven, visit the website.
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