The Personal Touch In Insurance

Nov 21, 2019, 1:06 PM

Why people are as important as technology — maybe even more important.

When is the last time you visited a bookstore? Even if you’re not a serious reader, maybe you stopped in to pick up a magazine, or even get a cup of coffee, if the store offered it. Perhaps while you were standing in line for a snack you spotted a bestseller you’ve been meaning to read and purchased a copy.

Here’s what you probably didn’t do while you were shopping: buy a book from an online seller. Part of the reason might be convenience — you have the book in your hand now, why wait any longer to get a copy? — but another factor may be the personal interaction. You talked to a store clerk who suggested the book. The person at the checkout let you know about Saturday story time, when you’ll be back to the store, this time with your child. It’s part of the shopping “experience,” things you can’t get when buying online.
Personal Touch Books and Insurance

The same thing is true in the insurance business. There are places to get a quote for a policy if you just want a dollar amount. But to understand what the coverage you’re looking at offers, or to make sure your insurance is up to date, you want to talk to a real person: someone who knows you and can use their experience and knowledge to help customize your coverage.

A lot of the information you see here on the Hastings Mutual blog and on every page of our website is the kind of information we encourage our independent agent partners to pass along to you. We want you to understand what you’re shopping for. Insurance can be confusing; that’s why you’re turning to an agent for help or doing your own research online.

Technology is definitely a part of our business, like it is in every industry. We’re always updating our computer systems to make processes quicker and easier. We send messages to our agent partners and to you on our website and via email. There are plenty of places to learn more on our website — try “Insurance” and “Reduce Your Risk,” right there on the top left. But despite all the advances in technology, all the steps taken to reduce the amount of time it takes to get something done with your insurance policy, it’s the personal touch that still counts.

Your agent knows you and your company, and can outline the right amount of coverage to help your business grow. A computer system won’t tell you that.

When you call a Hastings Mutual customer service team member, you’ll talk with someone who understands your specific situation and, most of all, is there to listen. We’ll do our best to work within our guidelines to make things right. A computer system won’t do that, either.

So how do you reach an independent insurance agent who will learn about you and help you get the coverage that’s best for your situation — who will help you with the personal touch? Simple. Just click here.

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