Company History

Thirty Years of Continuous Progress

1930 - 1960

1950's Home Office
Leading up to the Great Depression, the Windstorm Company was in excellent financial condition and despite the economic environment of the time, at the close of 1930, the company had modestly increased its business.  At its 50th anniversary in 1935, The Windstorm Company was financially sound and its wisdom of assessing for future needs and building up reserve funds was recognized.  In 1938, this policy became Michigan Law, "requiring mutual insurance companies to provide a sinking fund."

When a devastating tornado on Palm Sunday 1953, killed 190 people in Michigan and Ohio, the Windstorm Company felt strongly that it could help prevent injuries and loss of life, even if it couldn't prevent the damage brought by storms.  The company sponsored an early warning system for tornadoes which relied on radio initially and then was adopted by television. 

In the late 1950s, with its history of success and customer-centered focus, the company was the largest windstorm insurer in the state and second in the world with over $1 billion at risk.  This success brought the need for upgrades in technology including the introduction of IBM accounting equipment. 

On January 15, 1959, the company renamed itself Hastings Mutual Insurance Company paving the way to begin writing general insurance.  With ongoing success came continued growth and the need to move to a bigger building to house more employees.  In June 1961, employees first entered the new structure on Woodlawn Avenue which remains our corporate headquarter location.   

Date in history: 06/01/1961