Company History

Adjusting to Initial Growth

1910s through 1920s

Michigan Mutual Windstorm Company
Customer service has always been a major asset of the company's reputation, though the focus goes well beyond simply good service and extends to a general mindfulness of its members' welfare.

In the first 18 years of business, the company never levied an assessment upon its members.  The company was growing so quickly that these assessments were enough to pay all losses and leave a comfortable cash surplus. 

With growth came change, in 1898 directors began enacting measures of modernization to keep pace with growth, while maintaining the ideals of personalized service to all members.  By 1906, the company had almost 40,000 members with $60 million in insurance at risk.  In 1908, a new office building was built to accommodate the growing company. 

Despite several severe storm losses requiring the need to borrow money, the company continued to grow and in 1920 the name was changed to Michigan Mutual Windstorm Insurance Company.  By 1925, the Windstorm Company was the second largest mutual windstorm company in the world with 90,000 members sharing $300 million in coverage. 

Date in history: 04/01/1920