Company History

Our Beginning in 1885


board meeting
On April 5, 1885, the Michigan Mutual Tornado, Cyclone, and Windstorm Company, informally known as "The Windstorm Company", held its incorporation meeting and elected its first directors and officers.  Rogers was appointed as the company's only salaried officer at a rate of $25 per year.  

After the incorporation, Rogers commented, " is up to us to make it grow."  And grow it did.  By June 18, 1885, the first policies had been issued and the company had 41 members sharing $40,700 in risk.  At the end of the year, there were 160 members carrying $163,710 in risk.  The Windstorm Company was up and running.

In 1887, the Windstorm Company's directors decided to extend their business statewide.  In order to do this, the railroads were indispensable as the company's prosperity relied on the rail lines.

The company's continued growth led to the construction of a two-story building on State Street in Hastings, MI in 1890.  From 1890 through 1908, the company grew its membership from 2,000 to 43,000 and insurance in force went from $2 million to over $74 million and was quoted as being "one of the most substantial mutual insurance companies in the state."

Date in history: 04/05/1890