Privacy Statement

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company is committed to keeping customer information secure and confidential. It recognizes the importance of respecting the privacy and confidentiality of information received from customers.

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company has established the following privacy policy to achieve this purpose:

  1. Hastings Mutual Insurance Company shall recognize its customers' expectations of privacy by safeguarding information customers share with the Company. This commitment to privacy will be maintained regardless of whether it is received by mail, telephone, internet or in person.
  2. Information shall be collected and used only to the extent necessary to handle or process insurance products, services and claims.
  3. Hastings Mutual Insurance Company limits access to customers' personal information to only those Company employees with a business reason to access such information.
  4. Hastings Mutual Insurance Company expects persons or organizations that provide services on its behalf to keep customer information confidential.
  5. This privacy policy will apply to both current and former customers of Hastings Mutual Insurance Company.